I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House   10/28/19
by pahaK
Decided to watch this one solely because it's a sophomore film by Oz Perkins whose debut February I praised earlier today.

The Blackcoat's Daughter   10/28/19
by pahaK
February is visually beautiful film.

Timecrimes   5/25/19
by pahaK
I also like the ending that's not a typical Hollywood happy ending but extremely selfish and morally flexible "happy" ending.

Seconds   5/23/19
by pahaK
I hate to repeat myself but Seconds is, once again, a film that feels like elongated episode of The Twilight Zone.

Gattaca   5/19/19
by pahaK
I'd really wish that these "intelligent" scifi films would work harder to make their worlds intelligent.

The House That Jack Built   5/15/19
by pahaK
I don't personally get all the fuss around the film (like why was this NC-17 worthy) but I do applaud von Trier for breaking some taboos.

Minority Report   5/09/19
by pahaK
The whole going nation-wide plan is weird; the three precogs are sold as unique individuals meaning they should already see crimes nation-wide if the project would be able to expand (yet in the end they live in recluse so that they don't get their annoying previsions).

Liquid Sky   5/05/19
by pahaK
It doesn't match the mood of the rest of the film and it feels like unneeded explanation to ensure that every viewer gets what's going on.

The Ruthless   4/21/19
by pahaK
It's like a collection of gangster tropes randomly scattered on film with nothing to say.

Nosferatu the Vampyre   4/19/19
by pahaK
As a whole it's rather mediocre vampire film.

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