A Dragonfly for Each Corpse   4/18/19
by pahaK
Also at least twice someone calls Naschy and says they know who the killer (or a person of interest anyway) is and instead of telling it on the phone they arrange a meeting in an hour so that they can be killed before.

Forbidden Games   4/18/19
by pahaK
Michel was perhaps little too naive about death for being a country boy but for pampered little Parisienne like Paulette death could easily have been something new and foreign.

[REC]   4/17/19
by pahaK
I don't usually like found footage horrors but after this one appeared on our top-100 horror list I decided to give it a go.

Don't Look Now   4/16/19
by pahaK
Before I start with the actual review I need to say that there's a decent chance that Don't Look Now is just a film that requires more than one viewing.

Insidious   4/13/19
by pahaK
So obviously James Wan is capable of directing a bad horror film.

The Silence   4/11/19
by pahaK
Creatures that have been (according to the news report on film) trapped for millions of years in a collapsed cave deep underground have evolved into fast flying predators.

Eye in the Labyrinth   4/11/19
by pahaK
Like whodunits so often Eye in the Labyrinth tries to mislead the viewer a lot and while the eventual murderer isn't necessarily a huge surprise (I suppose the film being labeled giallo led me towards that direction) the explanation doesn't make much sense in the film's context.

Lords of Chaos   4/09/19
by pahaK
As far as I know current members of Mayhem aren't too happy about the film and Varg's been raging about it on multiple occasions (I know Varg may have personal interests in the matter but his comments gain little more weight from others disapproving the film too).

The Wind   4/08/19
by pahaK
The film itself ended up being little different than I expected and also a mild disappointment.

Stray   4/06/19
by pahaK
It looks better than your average B-movie these days and even the effects seem to fit its overall tone.

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