Frost/Nixon   1/01/09
by Powdered Water
I've done a little reading as I often do after a film like this one moves me and I also watched the actual interview that Frost held with the former President.

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor   8/01/08
by Powdered Water
I'll save you the trouble of reading a big long review and be relatively brief, (or as brief as my attention span allows) if you didn't enjoy the first two Mummy movies and you thought that Indy 4 had too much CGI, then don't bother with this flick and do not bother coming to tell me about it.

Wanted   6/28/08
by Powdered Water
I don't believe I've had the pleasure of seeing James McAvoy before, I know he was in Atonement but that movie holds little to no interest for me.

The Incredible Hulk   6/14/08
by Powdered Water
At times during this film they actually made The Hulk almost human and susceptible to a lot more pain than the real Hulk ever suffered from.

Speed Racer   5/11/08
by Powdered Water
I actually found it somewhat charming that the movie actually departed from the canon and in reality had only a fraction of the violence in it that the cartoon had.

Juno   4/20/08
by Powdered Water
I wonder sometimes when watching movies (and I watch a lot of them) how many film makers even once stop and think about some of the material that goes into the final cuts of a film.

Aliens vs Predator: Requiem   4/20/08
by Powdered Water
So, it's obvious to me who is the dominant species here and the Predators in the movies apparently have been kicking some Alien ass for quite a long time.

Doomsday   3/15/08
by Powdered Water
Do you love the trend of the past 15 years or so of casting a rather sexy and fit woman as the action icon in a movie that if made 20 years ago it would have been either Arnie or Sly?

10,000 BC   3/08/08
by Powdered Water
I still enjoyed parts of the film, I love a love story no matter how bad the movie is and this flick did have one, sort of.

The Banquet   2/28/08
by Powdered Water
Ziyi Zhang or Zhang Ziyi as she was called about 8 years ago when Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon came out (maybe someone at some point could tell me what order her name is supposed to go in and I could stop worrying about it.) may have done her best acting to date, there's a bit of that selfish little girl that I fell in love with during Dragon but it's clear to me that she is growing up and I just watched a big part of that during this film.

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