Watchmen   12/15/17
by mark f
The montage over the opening credits seemed to lavish a lot of money and F/X to explain to me that I was in an alternate universe, but I usually take all movies as an alternate universe.

Watchmen   11/18/12
by The Rodent
It's highly comicbook with some of the violence and some of the little gadgets and items that the heroes use, which gives even more variety to the movie compared to other comicbook movies.

Watchmen   3/12/09
by meatwadsprite
If movies did not have the blessing of audio , Watchmen might be one of the forerunners of all of them - but it's lack of realisticly human moments and over emphasis on violence and sex , make this one of the biggest letdowns in film history.

Watchmen   3/09/09
by Sinny McGuffins
I really enjoyed [I]Watchmen[/I], but that might be because of my love for Moore's comics, which at times it was very faithful to.

Watchmen   3/09/09
by TheUsualSuspect
At times it tries to be brilliant, like the novel, but it doesn't come off like that. I wanted the entire film to be brilliant, but ended up with an entertaining movie that I would love to watch over again and again.

Watchmen   3/09/09
by Sleezy
It feels like a production [U]by[/U] fans [U]for[/U] fans, and yet not so self-indulgent that it yields the book for the sake of taking over and re-imagining the whole thing.

Watchmen   3/06/09
by MovieMan8877445
Despite me not sounding completely enthusiastic during this review, I still did quite enjoy it. After waiting many months to see it, I guess you could say I was quite underwhelmed.

Watchmen   3/06/09
by meatwadsprite
Snyder's Watchmen borrows from Moore's , but has it's priorities all mixed up.

Watchmen   3/06/09
by Yoda
This one phrase is the soul of Watchmen, the famed graphic novel, and it has survived largely intact through the metamorphosis into Watchmen, the film.

Watchmen   3/06/09
by Holden Pike
In many ways I don't think Snyder and company really adapted it to the medium of film as they were so busy being reverential to the imagery of the book that they didn't find enough ways to make it of the source material but also let it be its own film.

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