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Watchmen (1 view) 2009 Reviews

A massive undertaking that has scared off the likes of acclaimed directors , fans of the novel could only fear for the worst when it was finally put in the hands of newcomer Zack Snyder. With the translation of book to film , you often lose a lot of sub-plots , characters , and themes - sadly Watchmen follows suit and though it's visual qualities are fully realized the story has lost much significance.

Snyder really doesn't know when and where to place violence and sex - which are abundant here probably more than anything I've seen , instead of overloading us with grotesque killing - I would prefer all the characters be introduced properly instead of being crunched together to make a 3 hour deadline. Many concerns over the length of the movie forcing the numerous cutting of corners , I think the novel could be done in three hours - obviously you can't waste time on numerous slow motion fights and must have at least 2-3 different events occurring at once (like the book).

Lots of my favorite scenes were absent from the film , so you really have to detach yourself from the book and realize that it is not what you are seeing on the screen. I was not able to do that with my first viewing of it , I really wanted all my favorite parts of the book fully uncompromised and animated. Maybe on subsequent viewings I can appreciate this on a film basis , but the sting will always be there that the movie could have had so much more in it - the news vendor , the deeper backgrounds of the characters , all the regular citizen characters which are almost completely absent.

There are so many problems I have with the story , that I'm forgetting to tell you about everything else. The acting was superb for most part , the visuals are so dynamic you stop appreciating them just because there's so many brilliant parts , and the music was appropriate most of the times , unnecessary some times , with the occasional perfect moments ("two riders were approaching"). All of these things are the benefit of the film medium , you don't get them in the book - these are the benefits of making a movie about the novel.

Perhaps it's not a shining adaptation or film , Snyder is often unable to create awe and suspense through dialogue or words - he relies on the violence to do the talking. Alan Moore's Watchmen is certainly not about violence or sex , it contains them and focuses on a much bigger picture. Snyder's Watchmen borrows from Moore's , but has it's priorities all mixed up.

Perhaps it's brilliant and I wasn't able to notice all the small tidbits of information fed throughout the film. Maybe I under-appreciated some of the film only moments and wasn't accepting what I saw , rather what I wanted to see. Maybe the movie was able to tie all these events into a nice knot rather than jam them into a small space , I'll only find out upon my subsequent viewings of it.

It wouldn't be the first movie to become a favorite of mine after an "unfavorable" first viewing.