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Jeepers Creepers

DAY 39: October 9th, 2008.

Jeepers Creepers

So this was going to be a scary film. A modern-classic B horror film. Then it was released and people hated it. I loved......the first 20 minutes.

I thought that Salva did an excellent job of setting up this film, it did have the b horror film stigma to it and it worked. The Creeper himself was indeed creepy...before we actually saw him and learned about him.

The point that this film turns into crap? When they go back. The reason for them going back is weak and pointless. Weak writing to simply set the film in motion.

The film stars Justin Long before he became a comedy star and Gina Philips. They both are convincing as brother and sister who argue with each other. I didn't care for the psychic or the cat lady.

The ending is nice, a depressing turn that was nice to see other then a cliched horror twist or the everything is alright ending that some have.