Jeepers Creepers   10/24/17
by Omnizoa
Just like a Final Destination movie, absolutely nothing of consequence is explained, the monster is some lame amalgamation of horror baddy costume ideas, the Fortuneteller adds absolutely nothing to the movie besides the completely disposable stinger ending, and the tie into the song "Jeepers Creepe...

Jeepers Creepers   6/13/13
by The Rodent
Jeepers Creepers gives all the spooky horror shocks and disturbing backstory and visuals mixed with nicely fine-tuned action and humour that will please any film fan.

Jeepers Creepers   10/31/08
by TheUsualSuspect
I thought that Salva did an excellent job of setting up this film, it did have the b horror film stigma to it and it worked.

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