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Sin City (Robert Rodriguez)

"Sin City Joins Die Hard and Fight Club As One Of The Ultimate Guy Flicks"

Sin City tells three different stories, one which involves a dead hooker and a big thug. The other is filled with hookers left right and centre, a bad cop and one super cool dude. The Last story centres around a yellow bastard and a young hot stripper. These stories all take place in Basin City from the creative mind that is Frank Miller.

Sin City had a trailer that I could watch over and over and never get bored of it. The film is the exact same way, only it's 10 times more fun. Sin City is based on the graphics novels by Frank Miller of the same name. Other then the fact that one is a book and the other is film, with some more bits of colour here and there, they are basically the exact same thing. Sin City joins Die Hard and Fight Club as one of the ultimate guy flicks and manages to become the best film of 2005.

Robert Rodriguez makes great films, see From Dusk Till Dawn and Desperado, but every now and again he misses a step, Spy Kids 3-D and The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lava Girl. Here he makes his best film yet, mixing in great visuals, incredible music, the perfect cast and one hell of a good time. Everything fits perfectly for Sin City and it never misses a beat. With Rodriguez behind the camera and Miller by his side for more creative input, Sin City not only becomes the best film of 2005, but one that will go down in history.

Each story is unique for it's own merits and makes you want to re watch it over and over again. "The Hard Good-Bye" and "The Big Fat Kill" stand out over "The Yellow Bastard" simply because they contain more action and move along quicker. That is why I can't give Sin City a perfect ten, The final act, which should go out with a bang, goes out on a depressing soft whimper. It does shock the viewer if they are not familiar with the work it is based on.

What makes Sin City stand out from the rest of the films that came out in 2005? Well, aside from it's amazing visuals, it has the perfect cast. Mickey Rourke is back and is back big, with a bang, however you want to put it. Rourke got seriously overlooked by every award show, he became what he was suppose to become, right down to his chin. Del Toro shines in his role as Jackie Boy. Even the smallest bit of make-up that will make the role more believable helps and Del Toro knew this and wanted to make it as perfect as possible, he pulls it off. Clive Owen is super cool, as he is in almost everything he does. He just emulates it, although it does help that DWIGHT is super cool as well. They blend well together. It took me awhile to get passed Bruce Willis because everything I see him in, I don't see the character, I see Bruce Willis. He manages to pull it off, although it may take time to get use to him. The supporting cast help flesh out the film even more. Seeing a familiar face here and there is a treat for the audience.

The films character were great, from the big brooding Marv, to the small agile and creepy Kevin. These comic book characters are brought to life by these actors and only in a world as imaginative as Sin City could these character exist and here they kick ass to the next level. Rodriguez creates his own environment and world for that matter. Much like Jackson did with the Lord of the Rings, and Lucas did with Star Wars. Rodriguez brings paper to screen and has made a world in which we will definitely see more stories evolve from.

The music is beautiful. Rodriguez has an ear for music and uses it to it's full potential here. From the theme music that everyone loves to hear and gets excited about when they hear it, to the opening score. It fits the genre well. The visuals were interesting to see. The entire film was shot on digital, so the crisp look of the black and white is even more crisp then you would think. With dabs of colour here and there, Sin City catches the eye and makes the viewer glued to the screen.

City is not for the faint of heart and is not exactly the first choice for date movie. The film contains some pretty graphic scenes, like decapitations, castrations, electrocution, explosions, stabbings, gun shots wounds, axe wounds, dog eating man wounds,and everything else. The bullet, the babes and the blood comes everywhere in here and if you enjoy this thing, as I do, then this is a film that you will definitely want to check out. Sin City has balls and it's not afraid of what it wants to show it's viewer.