Sin City   2/28/24
by Thief
The main stories follow the man with the badge, Hartigan, and a man with a gun, Marv (Mickey Rourke).

Sin City   2/10/24
I've never read the Frank Miller graphic novels and comic books that make up Sin City - and thus I'm not sure how much of a distinction there is between those who watched the film after reading them, before reading them, or having never read them.

Sin City   2/09/24
by Torgo
Sin City -

Sin City   3/21/14
by Masterman
Sin City follows 3 story's in glorious black and white (Looks awesome), it follows a huge selection of great characters, played by some of the biggest names out there.

Sin City   8/20/08
by meatwadsprite
This movie comes right off the pages of the Sin City books and works even better as a movie.

Sin City   4/07/06
by TheUsualSuspect
Sin City joins Die Hard and Fight Club as one of the ultimate guy flicks and manages to become the best film of 2005.

Sin City   6/13/05
by John McClane
When the film stopped rolling, a cold wave of astonishment took over and it still clings to me this very day. It was a marveling ride through a city full of crime and death; and damn, it was good.

Sin City   4/02/05
by OG-
Clearly the culminated birth child of minds actually concerned with cinematic appreciation, [I]Sin City[/I] is and was the birth and death of a singularity of perfection that will remain peerless in the world of cinema until the end of time.

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