Sin City   3/21/14
by Masterman
First off I want to say Sin City is one of my favourite comic book movies.

Sin City   8/20/08
by meatwadsprite
This movie comes right off the pages of the Sin City books and works even better as a movie.

Sin City   4/07/06
by TheUsualSuspect
These comic book characters are brought to life by these actors and only in a world as imaginative as Sin City could these character exist and here they kick ass to the next level.

Sin City   6/13/05
by John McClane
Hopefully these words can give Sin City the proper treatment of glory it deserves; damn, sin is good.

Sin City   4/02/05
by OG-
Sin City is one of those movies where I walk out of the theater and listen to the audience's reactions and think to myself, "wow, 80% of these people are morons."

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