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Cast Away


Tom Hanks, Helen Hunt, Chris Noth, Paul Sanchez View All


Robert Zemeckis (Director), Robert Zemeckis (Writer), William Broyles Jr. (Screenplay) View All

Release: Dec. 22nd, 2000
Runtime: 2 hours, 23 minutes
Chuck Nolan, a top international manager for FedEx, and Kelly, a Ph.D. student, are in love and heading towards marriage. Then Chuck's plane to Malaysia crashes at sea during a terrible storm. He's the only survivor, and finds himself marooned on a desolate island. With no way to escape, Chuck must find ways to survive in his new home.
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Another Zemeckis touch to ensure realism is that after the initial scenes up to the plane crash were filmed, he shut down production of the film for a couple of months to give Hanks time to lose 30 pounds, to make his desperate diving for fish in the ocean look more desperately authentic and to show....