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Cast Away


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Anyone want to see this movie? Its the new one about Tom Hanks being stranded on an island. I think it looks cool, but I have a feeling its already been ruined by the preview. You see him create fire, and you seem him with long hair and a beard. I'm guessing that points out hes gonna live the whole time...I could be wrong though.
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Yeah the previews on that one kinda show the whole movie, but what they don't show is how when he gets back to civilization it's 100's of years in the future and America has been taken over my talking apes! Manhattan is now a penal colony and the rest of America is a desert wasteland where monkeys kill for gas to fuel their killer cars! So he learns karate and saves a cute girl and an orphan from monkey rape gangs and builds a raft to take them back to the island but the island is now populated by a giant lizard and moth who are fighting it out on the beach! So they just live on the raft for a long time and fight off monkey pirates. Then he wakes up and discovers it was all a dream caused by bad airline food and gets off the plane and has a merry Christmas.

Lol, okay, I'm being goofy.

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Didn't see it.
I am looking forward to this one. I love Tom Hanks movies. I think they are almost all good. What I can't tell is whether most of the movie is the island or when he has come back and everyone has written him off. I thought the title "Cast Away" meant the latter part was the main point of the movie.
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I'm looking forward to this movie as well. I enjoy most any Tom Hanks or Robert Zemekis movies.

Actually Peter, you should expect something beyond the stereotypical shipwrecked film - I've heard that he is rescued at some point and has to try to fit back into Society - and how being on the island changes his outlook on life.

This is one I very much want to see...

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Didn't see it.
Frankly, fitting back in society when everybody has moved on with their lives and thought you were dead is a more interesting story to me. It sounds good.

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Didn't see it.
Did you hear about Hanks next project? He plays a gangster in DreamWorks' "Road to Perdition." It's a depression-era movie with Tom Sizemore and possibly Jude Law. It will be directed by American Beauty's Sam Mendes. Hanks plays a hit man known as the Angel of Death whose wife and kids get murdered. Sizemore is going to play Al Capone, and Law plays another hit man called the Reporter.

Has Hanks ever played a bad guy in a movie? This should be interesting.

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Didn't see it.
I heard that Hanks gained 25 pounds for the right look before he was plane wrecked. Then in mid-production they shut things down for about a year so he could lose 70 pounds to look like he had been stranded on an island.

I heard 50 pounds...but I could be wrong.

Cast Away opens today! I'm likely going to see it - looks good. I hope there's more on the island than there is on land, though: the emotional aspect of returning to civilization is interesting, but I sure hope it doesn't take up a good portion of the film.

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I'll see this movie eventually, but probably on video. I know what will happen, how it starts, and how it will end. It is all in the previews.

Despite knowing quite a bit about the movie beforehand, I enjoyed it. I had expected a bit more from it, but I'm still glad to have seen it. A few parts made me cringe, however.

Overall it seemed very realistic: he did a lot of the things I would do, and probably said a lot of things I might say.

Hats off to Tom Hanks: he's on screen most of the movie: it's all him really. He does a fine job.

I went into the movie expecting the exact same thing from the movie trailer. Dont let it make you think that thats the whole movie there is soooo much detail its crazy, second best movie ive ever seen. WATCH IT NOW

Originally posted by JoeTheChamp
I went into the movie expecting the exact same thing from the movie trailer. Dont let it make you think that thats the whole movie there is soooo much detail its crazy, second best movie ive ever seen. WATCH IT NOW
Thanks for stopping by and posting, Joe. What's the best you've seen?

The Matrix is #1 With its great story line, and action scenes who could ask for more. And it came up with alot of funning things like in duce bigalo and scary movie, nothing like it when big movies rip off you prize moves

Fine choice! I'm guessing you're probably a teenager, and as such, it makes perfect sense to pick that movie.

Some people seem to be ashamed of picking anything other than classics as their favorites, but seeing films today, as they're being released to everyone else (as opposed to something older which has been seen by millions already) carries a special weight.

I think it's safe to say that "The Matrix" is going to be considered a classic Sci-Fi flick 20 years from now. Totally normal to have your favorite movies be ones you saw upon their original release.

In Soviet America, you sue MPAA!
My favorite movie is Starship Troopers(getting it on DVD tomorrow!!!!!!!!)

I'm not ashamed of it, its just a really cool movie.

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This guy wasted his time on the island.
First - he should have built and tended a fire from day 1.
second - he should have headed out the first day looking for more FedEx boxes.
After the initial first couple of months when there is no more hope of search and rescue, he should have started building a large craft.
Also on an island that size there should have been an area with mininal surf.

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