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Pulp Fiction cast quality vs Batman Begins cast quality (sequel to ensemble thread)


Me and my girlfriend took a look at the ensemble thread and began our own discussion on films that had a great ensemble. She feels that Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction has a better ensemble than Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins . I argue that the cast of Begins is superior, and she is for Pulp Fiction 's cast being better.

We just wondered which of the two you guys agree with. Which cast line up do you guys think is better. Forget the quality of the film. Just think about the actual cast.


I think Batman may have the higher calibre cast ensemble, though some were a bit gimmicky like Morgan Freeman whereas Pulp Fiction utilises the cast far better, not to mention relit careers.

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Batman Begins has a nice cast, but too many people fell flat. Holmes, Freeman and even to an extent, Caine. Watanabe does really nothing for the role but gives a menacing stare. Hauer is good, but has too little screen time to be really memorable.

Pulp Fiction on the other hand, like Pyro said uses the cast far better. Walken is (unlike Hauer) memorable for the little amount of scren time he has. Willis, who normally is a mediocre actor in his films, egnites the screen with his performance. Jackson and Travolta play off each other perfectly; Roth and Plummer as well. Rhames is terrific as the big bad and Uma as usual turns in a great performance. Stoltz is hilarious as the drug dealer and who can forget Kietel as The Wolf.

Here's How I See It:

Batman Begins:
Bale +1
Freeman -1

Caine -1
Neeson +1
Holmes -1
Oldman +1
Murphy +1
Wilkinson +1
Watanabe -1
Hauer +1


Pulp Fiction:

Travolta +1
Jackson +1
Willis +1
Walken +1
Roth +1
Plummer -1
Kietel +1
Stoltz +1
Rhames +1
Arquette -1
Thurman +1
Tarantino -1

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it's not even a contest, I'm shocked that u consider batman anywhere near pulp

Christian Bale and Harvey Keitel are the only truly brilliant actors in either cast. There are some competent (if limited) talents as well (Morgan Freeman, Chrisopher Walken, Liam Neeson etc.), but master classes these films ain't.

Well, I guess most (predictably) were more in favour of the Pulp Fiction cast. That's fair enough. Some of you guys made some decent points about how the Pulp Fiction cast was used more adequately than the cast of Batman Begins. However, I think that Nolan's cast had the better quality of actors.

I mean, alright, Ken Wantanabe's role was almost pointless, but the man is a top actor. The fact that he is actually in the film with the likes of Tom Wilkinson, Michael Caine, Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, Cillian Murphy etc is just enough to realise how handsome the cast is.

But good responses guys.

Batman Begins had a good cast on paper, which myself and i believe Suspect were saying, in agreement with you but we prefer the performances of the cast in Pulp Fiction. Unless you are just comparing the cast in term of 'name' actors and not their performances.