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Robert De Niro, Jean Reno, Natascha McElhone, Stellan Skarsgård View All


David Mamet (Screenplay), John Frankenheimer (Director), J.D. Zeik (Screenplay), J.D. Zeik (Story) View All

Release: Sep. 25th, 1998
Runtime: 2 hours, 2 minutes
A briefcase with undisclosed contents – sought by Irish terrorists and the Russian mob – makes its way into criminals' hands. An Irish liaison assembles a squad of mercenaries, or 'ronin', and gives them the thorny task of recovering the case.
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'Ronin' is a nice callback to the good old times of a simple set-up executed to great effect; a movie that's all about a simple plot device that everyone wants their hands on and off goes the plot with backstabbing, criminal master plans, foreign villains and what else can be crammed into this retro....
Citizen Rules
Ronin was his last successful film and has good balance between action and narrative and with a mystery too.
Ronin has some of the best filmed car chases of all time.


Johnny B