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Pulp Fiction


John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman, Bruce Willis View All


Quentin Tarantino (Director), Quentin Tarantino (Screenplay), Roger Avary (Screenplay) View All

Release: Sep. 10th, 1994
Runtime: 2 hours, 34 minutes
A burger-loving hit man, his philosophical partner, a drug-addled gangster's moll and a washed-up boxer converge in this sprawling, comedic crime caper. Their adventures unfurl in three stories that ingeniously trip back and forth in time.
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34 About the pulp fiction movie
Hi guys, So I just saw the pulp fiction by Quentin Tarantino because I have heard so much good about it. But when you hear so much about a movie, you expect something exciting to happen, so I was ...
10 Vincent Vega is an idiot
you know i was watching Pulp Fiction the other day for probably the fifth or sixth time, and it occurred to me - Vincent Vega (john travolta's character) is a ****ing idiot. i don't think i was able t...

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Jackson, and created a 2nd Golden Age for John Travolta, and most important of all the start of Tarantino- while Reservoir Dogs already made him a minor star Pulp Fiction made him into a superstar director and made a path for great films he went to make on later.
Daniel M
Pulp Fiction is in my (and the majority of other peoples) opinion his best film so far, it is a combination of everything I love about the director, a film created that combines many traits that we now associate with him, Pulp Fiction is perhaps one of the most enjoyable films I have ever seen and although their may be films that better it, if I had to pick one film to watch at any time then this would be it.
Citizen Rules
When Pulp Fiction first came out it was a unique indie film.
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