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  1. 1 day ago
    Don't panic yourself, i wont be back. i found a more professional movie forum where equal standards apply to all btw you should change your profile name. Yoda doesn't relly suit your character just saying
  2. 2 days ago
    i appreciate the second chance. But would you tell iroquois to easy up, he keeps trying to bait me into an argument and i don't do that anymore. If these rules quite rightly apply to me its only fair that they apply to him. Otherwise he is going to do this on every forum i write.
  3. 2 days ago
    Ragnarok quiz is ready and waiting now
    Still got Cuckoo's Nest in there as well.
  4. 2 days ago
    In the message I was brutally honest with you about last year and why i acted the way i did. It was me being up front about what happened, if you didn't get that message then you are misunderstanding me. I would like to know
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