Pulp Fiction   1/26/21
by mark f
Jackson should win Best Actor for Pulp Fiction, but since he was nominated Best Supporting Actor for his role as Jules, and John Travolta was nomed Best Actor for Vincent Vega in the same film, I said, well, that's pretty tough, Samuel L.

Pulp Fiction   1/10/21
by Captain Spaulding
He's a movie geek who grew into a movie god, watching and studying a variety of films from a young age, later working in video stores and movie theaters until eventually catching his big break.

Pulp Fiction   11/07/18
by KeyserCorleone
Is Pulp Fiction really one of the greatest movies of all time, and a landmark in modern cinema as well as a stepping stone for the independent industry?

Pulp Fiction   7/23/16
by Gideon58
The art of film making was changed forever with the 1994 instant classic Pulp Fiction, a bloody and unapologetic crime story that broke all the rules where making movies was concerned and became one of the most talked about movies in history that the most devout film buffs continue to argue passiona...

Pulp Fiction   5/02/15
by Citizen Rules
Review: The last time I watched Pulp Fiction was over twenty years ago, at that time like most people I thought it was great.

Pulp Fiction   3/20/15
by Gatsby
Jackson, and created a 2nd Golden Age for John Travolta, and most important of all the start of Tarantino- while Reservoir Dogs already made him a minor star Pulp Fiction made him into a superstar director and made a path for great films he went to make on later.

Pulp Fiction   8/25/14
by Jack1
The shot of Vincent plunging the syringe into Mia's chest was filmed by having John Travolta pull the needle out, then running the film backwards.

Pulp Fiction   2/23/13
by Sexy Celebrity
Pulp Fiction is the story of gangsters and drugs and criminals and rapist homosexuals and prizefighters that kill and $5 milkshakes and women who want potbellies and female taxi cab drivers named Esmeralda and dead bodies in your garage and stories of foot massages that led to violence and gold watc...

Pulp Fiction   7/15/12
by Daniel M
Pulp Fiction is in my (and the majority of other peoples) opinion his best film so far, it is a combination of everything I love about the director, a film created that combines many traits that we now associate with him, Pulp Fiction is perhaps one of the most enjoyable films I have ever seen ...

Pulp Fiction   3/30/12
by The Rodent
The movie plays out almost like Tarantino's other masterpiece, Reservoir Dogs, it starts out bluntly, in the thick of the action, and moves onto the next scene without so much as a blink of the eye.

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