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(directed by Quentin Tarantino, 1994)

This is a brutal movie. Not brutal like Commando or Predator brutal -- this movie is brutal on your soul. This movie is not light or carefree at all -- this film is hard hitting and angry at you. This movie is ready to scold you. This movie is the voice of God. And not a pleasant God, either. This is the God from The Bible -- this is the God who will strike down upon you with great vengeance. I am not big on the The Bible and I don't know it very well or study it in great detail -- but Pulp Fiction is The Bible translated for our modern age through the cinema.

Pulp Fiction is a nasty movie with nasty truths. The Earth is evil. Laws cannot save us or protect us. Power can be attained through methods not morally responsible. Human beings are filth. Sainthood is rare and difficult to achieve. We all live in the ghetto -- we're all trapped in Hell. Life cannot play out as we plan it to be and at any moment, you could be blessed with luck or curse. For every angel, there is a demon.

Pulp Fiction is the story of gangsters and drugs and criminals and rapist homosexuals and prizefighters that kill and $5 milkshakes and women who want potbellies and female taxi cab drivers named Esmeralda and dead bodies in your garage and stories of foot massages that led to violence and gold watches that spent years in men's asses.

The film is divided up into chapters and the story does not play out in order. What is the story of Pulp Fiction? It does not matter. For your enjoyment, you can connect everything and figure out how everything is supposed to go, but essentially, Pulp Fiction is pogo sticking from place to place and time to time. One minute a character has been killed, the next minute he's fully alive. Pulp Fiction is the eye of God that's well aware we're inside his eye, and He is allowing us to understand his perceptions of these people that he's focusing on. He WANTS us to understand what he's thinking and seeing.

Quentin Tarantino might be a tool that God is using to speak to the masses. Pulp Fiction is God's loudest proclamation. That's why everyone loves it. That's why everyone finds it cool. That's why everyone paid attention to it.

People don't just find it COOL --- they find it really f**kin' scary. Pulp Fiction is serious business. It is a harsh reminder that God is still with us.

And He's closer than you think.