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The Usual Suspects


Stephen Baldwin, Gabriel Byrne, Chazz Palminteri, Kevin Pollak View All


Bryan Singer (Director), Christopher McQuarrie (Writer) View All

Released: Aug. 16th, 1995
Runtime: 1 hour, 46 minutes
Held in an L.A. interrogation room, Verbal Kint attempts to convince the feds that a mythic crime lord, Keyser Soze, not only exists, but was also responsible for drawing him and his four partners into a multi-million dollar heist that ended with an explosion in San Pedro harbor leaving few survivors. Verbal lures his interrogators with an incredible story of the crime lord's almost supernatural prowess.
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Because, in reality, this story isnt about what happened or what is about to happen it is a story about what is happening and what hasn't even happened at all.
Even though I had somehow ended up reading the entire screenplay for The Usual Suspects (which spoiled its big twist in the introduction anyway) before actually seeing the film, I still liked it enough to consider it a major favourite back in the day.
Stylish and intense direction, a compelling, multi-layered story, and a terrific ensemble cast combine to make The Usual Suspects one of the best films of 1995.
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