Usual Suspects ending


just curious on everybodys theorys to the ending of this film.....

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I didn't like the Usual Suspects because of its ending. Sure it was fun the first time. But looking back it makes the rest of the movie completely redundant.

** Obviously my discussion of the ending will contain spoilers **

This is what I got out of the ending of the Usual Suspects.

Spacey pretends that he's a wimp when really he is a mastermind crook named Kaiser Sose. Fine. I have no problem with this.

What I have a problem with is the fact that Chazz Palminteri (The Cop) after letting Spacey out of his office turns around to the board behind him. On this board are pictures of all the WANTED criminals. He looks at the names, and links them to the characters in Spacey's story. Spacey, the clever chappie, had just told the cop a rubbish story. None of it was true. He made it up as he went along using the criminal's names as characters. Sure it's clever but it makes the film a complete waste of time.
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I didn't like this movie at all until I saw the ending... that was the best part! The way he came up with all that as well as he did (obviously it is acting but still) is amazing.

I enjoyed it once they showed the end.

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i enjoyed the during and the ending.

what I liked as a watched it were the ensemble cast. even if it was all made up they are worth watching. and the film has a certain flair, a certain snap, that I enjoyed. That snap gets played to full hilt at the twist ending.

And I enjoyed the during even more aftering finding out the truth <i>because</i> it was so complex. that story had us guessing, didn't it? the whole point is WHO IS he? where is he? what really happened? and we get a fantastic, complex, mysterious story and we want to find out who it is ... and when we do the magic is that it was in front of us all the time. a little philosophical turn, the irony, the power of it, that sometimes things are just in front of us and because we're so blind, caught up in our own petty theories and vanity that we just don't see it. and the fact that that gets taken advantage of, that a smart cop lost his big catch by a hair's breadth just because of his own stupidity ... that near miss is fascinating too, the way you come so close to something and miss it becuase of one tiny factor, and it's your own fault.

i kinda got the hint before the middle though cause at some point you're kinda like, um, there's got to be some reason they're not showing his face. but that was the first film ever where I saw Kevin Spacey. and he was mahvelous. love at first sight.


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