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Does anybody want to see a Howard The Duck movie with Seth Green?


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The truth is in here
What's interesting about the Guardians Of The Galaxy movies is that in both of them, Howard The Duck has made a cameo. He hadn't been brought back to the screen in almost 30 years. And I think we all know the level of quality the Howard The Duck movie is. Sure, his design in it is really funny, but as a whole it's well-intended but ultimately a misfire.

Seeing the new incarnation of him, I believe it could work if the right people are behind it. James Gunn could probably pull it off well, since I knew nothing about the characters in Guardians before, and he still made them universally likable for everyone.

I'd certainly give it a go if it was made.
I think that Howard has now had 2 cameos, means they're testing audience interest.

They wouldn't go wrong with getting Edgar Wright to direct tbh.
Wright works well with Joe Cornish too... if they worked together on writing the movie, with Wright directing? Yeah, I'd be there.

Testing audience reaction to cameo appearances in order to gauge opinion on viability of new movies.

What an awful, depressing big screen movie age we live in.

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The truth is in here
What's depressing about that? The 1986 movie was a failure, they are seeing if people would give Howard The Duck another chance if he were to get a new movie.