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'Mr. Leonard Cohen I need your help, please call me." - Denis Villeneuve
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  1. 02-06-17
    Citizen said to add a black bar to your banner and centre it
The Salesman   3/06/17
'The Salesman' (2016) This movie has had a lot of praise recently, so I was interested to see if it lived...

The Double   2/24/17
'The Double' (2013) Richard Ayoade is a very talented man. He's a funny comic and a good director. His fi...

Like Father, Like Son   2/23/17
'Like Father, Like Son' (2013) Hirokazu Koreeda's work has been recommended to me by a few people, and I'...

Rififi   2/22/17
'Rififi' (1955) Jules Dassin's 1950s Noir thriller is set in Paris and right from the outset, we are tran...

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