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'Mr. Leonard Cohen I need your help, please call me." - Denis Villeneuve
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  1. 02-06-17
    Citizen said to add a black bar to your banner and centre it
Rabbit Hole   6/28/17
'Rabbit Hole' (2010) It's yet another movie about grief coping mechanisms, but it is Directed very well...

Ratcatcher   5/22/17
'Ratcatcher' (1999) I was amazed to hear that this was Lynne Ramsay's debut feature. I enjoyed "We n...

Notes on Blindness   5/04/17
'Notes on Blindness' (2016) This is a semi-dramatized documentary focusing on retelling the audio memoirs...

Krisha   4/07/17
'Krisha' (2015) Well that wasn't an easy watch. I went in to this blind. Didn't even know what it was abo...

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