La Chimera   4/09/24
by ScarletLion
Along with this bunch of other misfits helping to raid the tombs he is fresh out of prison (presumable for being caught stealing relics)and cuts a forlorn, troubled character looking for a remnant of his lost love Beniamina.

Buzzard   4/03/24
by ScarletLion
Im off to discover more Joel Potrykus films.

12 and Holding   3/11/24
by ScarletLion
It's the most Todd Solondz film not directed by Todd Solondz.

Laurence Anyways   3/04/24
by ScarletLion
Dolan recently hinted he wont be making any more films as so few people watch them.

Perfect Days   2/27/24
by ScarletLion
Essentially this is a 2 hour film about a man cleaning public toilets in Tokyo.

American Fiction   2/12/24
by ScarletLion
Its all in your face and then of course settles down in a hopeful predictable ending with everyone in the family settling their differences via an out of place 'film within a film' type sequence.

The Zone of Interest   1/29/24
by ScarletLion
Its an impeccably directed film, and save for one possibly awry directorial choice which sets itself apart from the rest of the film, it is an absolute must see.

Io Capitano   1/24/24
by ScarletLion
At its heart this film is a reminder to us how much some of those in search of a better life have to go through, to even begin that search.

Take Out   1/16/24
by ScarletLion
Most of the film is Ming making deliveries from the Chinese take away in New York where he works to try and make enough tips to pay his debts back to the people who smuggled him into the USA..

Monster   1/09/24
by ScarletLion
Its a shame that the legendary composer Sakamoto never got to see the finished film with his score as it accompanies the film so well.

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