C'mon C'mon   12/23/21
by ScarletLion
Johnny takes Jesse to New York as he has alot of work on, from there the characters need to find themselves and help each other.

The Worst Person in the World   12/22/21
by ScarletLion
In the end it is a character study but also a really interesting take on life choices, family and fate and the point that there are no real right or wrong choices at all.

No Time to Die   11/11/21
by ScarletLion
I see what they were doing with the ending, introducing us to a possible Daniel Craig link in about 5 Bond films' time where he comes back in the form of a memory as Jane Bond agent 0070 recalls her father.

Blue Bayou   10/08/21
by ScarletLion
The two cop characters are like caricatures from other more off the wall films.

In the City of Sylvia   8/10/21
by ScarletLion
In other ways it's a mystery, and if you pay attention to detail there are possible ways to analyse the film as having a ray of hope right up until the end image.

Songs My Brothers Taught Me   7/05/21
by ScarletLion
Zhao's films have an almost spiritual feel to them, there's a strange connection to the landscape, community and characters that we see on screen.

The Banishment   1/22/21
by ScarletLion
The film follows a family in freefall after a devastating revelation during a holiday.

Collective   1/11/21
by ScarletLion
I see alot of films that are so real that they almost feel documentary like but it's very rare that a documentary feels like a film such is the way it's crafted, the lack of narration, the way it's presented and the crazyness of the story.

Minari   1/08/21
by ScarletLion
Having said that, the film hints that this is largely the young boy David's story and that it may actually entirely be a memory of him growing up that we are watching play out, so I'll cut it some slack on that part - our memories often wander off the beaten path of 100% accuracy, and to be honest t...

Sound of Metal   12/15/20
by ScarletLion
Fantastic film.

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