The Banishment   1/22/21
by ScarletLion
There are long takes that embrace the nature of the location that the family has stayed in to get away from 'the city', there is bubbling tension under the surface of potentially fatal family feuds.

Collective   1/11/21
by ScarletLion
I see alot of films that are so real that they almost feel documentary like but it's very rare that a documentary feels like a film such is the way it's crafted, the lack of narration, the way it's presented and the crazyness of the story.

Minari   1/08/21
by ScarletLion
Having said that, the film hints that this is largely the young boy David's story and that it may actually entirely be a memory of him growing up that we are watching play out, so I'll cut it some slack on that part - our memories often wander off the beaten path of 100% accuracy, and to be honest t...

Sound of Metal   12/15/20
by ScarletLion
Fantastic film.

Beanpole   12/07/20
by ScarletLion
The film is bathed in a rich green colour palette to perhaps symbolise peace / fertility / hope / a new era etc.

The Turin Horse   12/04/20
by ScarletLion
It's a very pessimistic film - most things in it refuse to work or live at some point (probably not a coincidence seeing as Tarr said this would be his final film).

Kaili Blues   3/06/20
by ScarletLion
It's a film without a traditional narrative, and one that seems to meld different timelines of a man's life with his other family and experiences.

Age Out   2/11/20
by ScarletLion
How can one of the least talked about films of the last couple of years - have such insanely good photography?

The Double Life of Veronique   2/04/20
by ScarletLion
Kieslowski's triumph here is to explore themes that would normally appear fanciful, cheesy or sentimental - a film about dopplegangers exploring existentialism just wouldn't work outside European cinema in my humble opinion.

Sorry We Missed You   1/16/20
by ScarletLion
Despite that, the final half hour or so redeems the film somewhat as Loach hammers home the left wing message of broken Britain.

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