We the Animals   11/21/18
by ScarletLion
Most of the themes centre around your general coming of age type tropes (Peer pressure, belonging, family dynamics etc) but the real strength of the film is putting the viewer into the headspace of Jonah.

The Rider   11/15/18
by ScarletLion
There are some heart-breaking scenes in which Brady goes to visit an old friend Lane Scott, played by.Lane Scott, who has some real life history of his own that probably needs looking up after youve watched the movie.

The Golden Dream   11/13/18
by ScarletLion
Director Diego Quemada-D apparently worked with Ken Loach on a couple of films and it shows in this movie - it's a very raw, real look at the lengths people in central America and Mexico will go to find a way to get across the border to the USA.

Thunder Road   10/23/18
by ScarletLion
There are moments of black comedy placed into scenes of real drama - which shouldn't really work.

Ali: Fear Eats the Soul   10/09/18
by ScarletLion
What I thought was key to the film was that there was no revenge type plot in the final act.......

A Fantastic Woman   6/26/18
by ScarletLion
The film was produced by Pablo Larrain (Jackie, The Club), so there are clearly some neat Chilean collaborations going on.

Thelma   6/20/18
by ScarletLion
Joachim Trier's direction is more than adequate, and as mentioned beofre, the cinematography by Jakob Ihre is superb throughout - one beautifully filmed scene in particular (set on a lake) will live long in the memory.

The Isle   6/14/18
by ScarletLion
Ki Duk Kim has always been a divisive director, with his films showing slow burning, very natural, almost spiritual human traits.

My Feral Heart   6/06/18
by ScarletLion
Very moving, poignant film about a man with Down's syndrome trying to regather his life after a tragedy.

The Stoning of Soraya M.   5/12/18
by ScarletLion
The film is clever in that way as it uses this to take us to a place of horror and manipulates us into fearing what we all know is coming.

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