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'Buzzard' (2014)

I'm sure I first heard about this film on this website. It's taken me 10 years to get around to it.

This feels like a cult indie slacker comedy. Iíve no idea how popular it is but itís pretty hilarious in places. Itís like Office Space meets Taxi Driver. Marty, a bored office temp decides to make some money by cheating the bank system he works at, but soon finds himself over his head and his paranoia gets the better of him. Director Joel Potrykus wrote the screenplay and also stars as Derek, Martyís annoying work colleague. He steals the show, including one particular scene involving a treadmill. I laughed hard. Infact I giggled to myself through most of the film.

I have huge admiration for people like Joel Potrykus who get off their ass and pour their heart, money and soul and time into making their filmic visions onto the screen. He seems to have friends and family as his core team that all work as a unit to get their films made. Iím off to discover more Joel Potrykus films.