Overlord   1/12/23
by ScarletLion
John Alcott, Kubrick's cinematographer for Barry Lyndon and a few of his other films shot this, and there are very obvious lineages between some of the images here and 'Full Metal Jacket', although Alcott passed away a year that film was shot.

Capote   1/11/23
by ScarletLion
But this film is neither a biopic, nor is it a 'slice of life' film that shows a few days or weeks in the life of someone, as films such as 'Blonde', 'Spencer' or 'Jackie' do so well.

Deep End   1/04/23
by ScarletLion
Director Jerzy Skolimowski shot most of the film in Germany, where a young, inexperienced Mike (John Moulder-Brown) takes his first job at a Bath-house.

TÁR   12/21/22
by ScarletLion
Much of the first half of the film feels like a European film, (perhaps to keep in tune with the location), as there are long scenes that are dialogue heavy and static cameras with barely any action to speak of; but the film is teaching the viewer about the lead character all the time and it demands...

The Beasts   12/20/22
by ScarletLion
However, there is so much subtext in the film, that the title could refer to the huge wind turbines that dominate the sky line of the region, and provide a driver to the animosity between the two families in the film.

Bones and All   12/16/22
by ScarletLion
It's a road trip coming of age film with one additional element - the horror.

Farha   12/09/22
by ScarletLion
Sallam is Jordanian (the film was shot in Jordan), and in her first narrative feature, smartly directs on what must have been a shoestring budget, from the point of view of Farha, which we learn at the end is based on a true story (Sallam learned about it from her Palestinian father).

La Notte   12/02/22
by ScarletLion
Antonioni's cinema is so ethereal and dreamy, which I love, but this film slightly went over my head.

The Quiet Girl   7/29/22
by ScarletLion
The audience is held to ransom at the end - as there is a character choice that is so important to the film.

Prayers for the Stolen   7/15/22
by ScarletLion
There are little spots of hope, mainly manifested in the characters resilience but this is a film that isn't a fairytale.

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