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Twelve and Holding

'Twelve and Holding' (2005)

Dir.: Michael Cuesta

I have no idea how I even heard about this film; so thanks to whoever suggested it - it's really quite good. It's the most Todd Solondz film not directed by Todd Solondz. A coming of age type affair but with some very humorous (and serious) drama.

It dissects three connecting families and their parent-children relationship. One is an overweight boy who is unhappy at his overeating, one is a girl who has just started menstruating and has an infatuation with a local builder (played by Jeremy Renner) and one is a boy who feels his parents love his brother more than him.

There are some slightly histrionic subplots (I mean really a 12 year old going on regular secret visits to prison?) but the film is sweet and has a sort of charisma that enables the viewer to overlook the inadequacies.

A nice way to spend 90 minutes