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  1. 01-28-20
    I'll PM you. Which is the preferred way to inquire about anything potentially sensitive, for future reference.
  2. 05-04-19
    Sure thing.
  3. 01-02-19
    I already did a countdown on John Travolta, a couple of years ago. Here's a link to the thread
  4. 12-13-18
    It really depends on the specifics. That site's more for editing, rather than drawing. It's the kind of thing you'd use if you had the santa hat and the GIF already and wanted to overlay one on the other.

    Editing GIFs is pretty tricky if you want to do something precise or specific.
Circus World   7/06/20
The funniest one for me is when Toni and Steve (The man she is in love with, but Matt has reportedly been anta...

The Antenna   1/31/20
And as Mehmet finds out, they already know about the black substance reaching the building...

Down and Dirty Duck   1/02/20
For example, Eddie the duck rips Willard's clothes off at one point, and instead of finding a new set of cloth...

It: Chapter Two   10/09/19
Forget fighting him to death, trick him in any way, or even the ritual Mike keeps going on about (which conven...

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