The Antenna   1/31/20
by mattiasflgrtll6
People get so brainwashed by The Night Bulletin that they don't notice the black liquid slowly reaching and killing them.

Down and Dirty Duck   1/02/20
by mattiasflgrtll6
For example, Eddie the duck rips Willard's clothes off at one point, and instead of finding a new set of clothes before going back to work, he just comes there naked.

It: Chapter Two   10/09/19
by mattiasflgrtll6
Forget fighting him to death, trick him in any way, or even the ritual Mike keeps going on about (which conveniently he "forgets" way too late it doesn't work).

Ad Astra   9/21/19
by mattiasflgrtll6
Roy tries to talk his dad into returning to earth with him, but Cliff isn't looking to be rescued.

Man Trouble   9/06/19
by mattiasflgrtll6
She's best in the quieter scenes where Joan and Harry get to know each other and share some interests and details from their lives.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood   8/22/19
by mattiasflgrtll6
Since the movie has been pretty restrained up to this point, you don't expect Cliff to get so angry he will beat someone to the point where their face is disfigured.

The Stepford Wives   7/09/19
by mattiasflgrtll6
And before she knows it, Walter starts acting cold and distant towards her, repeating over and over what a great home they've got and how everyone are nice here, no matter how many times she tells him she wants out of here.

Paranormal Activity   7/05/19
by mattiasflgrtll6
His first thought should be to make his girlfriend feel safe, tell her everything is gonna be all right and cooperate the entire time to make sure they both come up with the best ways to try and drive the demon out.

Guinea Pig: Devil's Experiment   5/19/19
by mattiasflgrtll6
The movie starts off with an opening crawl with the owner claiming they got it under the guise of being an experiment, but it's really just an excercise in cruelty.

City Heat   4/20/19
by mattiasflgrtll6
Usually if a movie contains great actors, you can forgive some of the more glaring script flaws, but some of the lines that come out of the characters' mouths just doesn't feel believable, at times even kinda embarrassing.

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