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We just started watching it. Pretty good so far, but not great. I do like a couple of the characters quite a bit, I must say. Just not totally engaged after the 3-4 episodes we have watched.
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My husband will watch it with me and enjoy it, which may be one reason I love the show. LOL.

We've watched the entire first season and are at least half way through the second. It's been quite a ride. I've really had fun with the show.

I loved Rome and was gutted when I heard that they were going to stop after just the two seasons. I'm really hoping that the film (if it gets made) keeps the feel of the tv series, rather than trying for a PG-13 or something. I also hope that they can keep much of the cast together too.

Oh, I'd expect it to, at least, get an R rating in the States.

I guess that my real problem with these things is that, rather than get an extended or feature-length episode, they always make 'a film', in order to make the money back and that just doesn't work well against the tv series. At least with something like Rome there's plenty of scope and they didn't have a story to wrap up at the end of the last series. Unlike something like Sex And The City, where they have to, what I call unpick the end of the series, in order to make the film. But that film really didn't have the feel of the tv series and that was a far bigger problem than the 'unpicking' of the storylines.

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I can't speak about Sex and The City. I couldn't watch it. Despite the provocative title, it just seemed to be a lot of talking.

Yep, Rome should get a fairly serious rating with all that rutting, beheading and such going on.

I've got a friend who can't (read won't) watch Sex And The City because of the character that Kim Cattrall plays (Samantha). She can't bear the thought of Emmy from Mannequin doing those sort of things.

It's one of my favourite all time programmes and I keep pestering her about it, but I can't get her to watch frame one of it.