The Dark Knight DVD


So last night at 12:01 my local Blockbuster stayed open to sell the Dark Knight DVD and I bought one and the store almost sold out. I was curious to see how many people plan to buy the DVD or who already has bought it.

Wouldn't dream of it. I would think very few people are buying it for themselves, because it'll be a very common Christmas present. Most of the people in my family avoid buying anything specific for themselves in December to avoid this very thing.

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Damn... I invited someone over to watch it tonight, so I have to grab a copy...

I hadn't thought of the issue Yoda mentioned...
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Originally Posted by Yoda
I would think very few people are buying it for themselves
Um...I bought this for myself. And I got the Target exclusive. It was the 2 Disc which came with a Bat helmet. Kinda nifty.

As for it being sold out, the exclusives in stores like Target, Best Buy and etc... might be sold out faster. but copies of the single and two-disc, even Blu-ray I'm sure will get re-stocked. A movie like that stores will have plenty.

My family only buys stuff from x-mas lists so i dont have to worry :P

I bought it on Blu Ray and DVD today. Blu Ray was the Batpod edition, and DVD was the best buy exclusive clown head.