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The real transformers vs the new transformers


Does anyone prefer the old cartoon version of transformers over the recent tranformers film? Here's one vote for yes.

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I liked the new movie pretty well. I didn't watch the old series much. I will say my fav character, some kind of cat, wasn't in the movie. That was a disappointment.

Who was it, Saber Toothed Tiger? Does anyone know?

I usually prefer live action anyway. This movie was a pleasant surprise. I expected it to suck eggs but it was fun!

I wasn't talking about the old episodes, I was talking about the old MOVIE.

In that case, I still reckon the old movie was better.
I second your reckon and raise you a wreck. On.

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Hell yes. Five good reasons why:

- Shorter running time
- No lame jokes (even Beavis and Butt-head wouldn't laugh at the jokes in the new movie)
- Doesn't waste time on character development
- More use of robots, less use of humans
- '80s kitsch appeal

Dammit mark! I was gonna say the same thing!

Carry on folks, I'm sure my vote is mucho important so I say No, the old Transformers are old and busted. New Transformers? New Hotness. Plus Megan Effing Fox people!?! What the heck is wrong with you people? I don't remember a wet dream like Megan in the old cartoon, movie or otherwise.

EDIT: @ BD I think you're thinking of the Thundercats. Which is also supposed to be getting a movie at some point.
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Not all of us like eye candy, PW. Besides, the "new hotness" is cancelled out by the irritating-would-be-an-improvement-for-them human characters.

I also don't care for Megan Fox at all. I watch a Transformers movie for the Transformers.

In one respect I agree with you and sadly we both know it will most likely never happen. I would love to see a movie with just Transformers in it. Much as I'd love to see a movie with just Aliens Vs. Predators. The human element does nothing for me most of the time in these flicks. But, its a formula that may or may not ever change. Who knows?

I seem to remember the cartoons had the obligatory white kids running around in them too, so I honestly don't "get" why so many think this newest version is somehow slanderous and defamatory to the whole "Transformers universe", but admittedly I liked the movie so maybe I just don't want to see it.

I was just thinking about that and I'm pretty certain that I haven't sat down and seen the whole movie. I'm pretty sure I've caught a fair chunk of it over the years.

Is it really that different from the shows?

The real Transformers are the 80s cartoons.

The new movie is a hour of pointless cgi and has barely anything in common with the original. Any real transformers fan knows that.

I don't know about "prefer", but I wish the characters followed the cartoon a little bit better (and had more of the original characters like the dinobots!).

Does anyone prefer the old cartoon version of transformers over the recent tranformers film? Here's one vote for yes.

Haven't seen the new one, but I really like the old one (I still listen to the soundtrack). Unicron is also an amazing villian and I think he was created for the movie, so without the movie, no unicron. Bleacheddecay, I guess it could be "ravage" you're talking about or maybe one of the later animal/bot combos.