Ong Bak/Warrior King/Tony Jaa


What are your opinions on these movies and on tony jaa.
Personally i think he is class!
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Yeah first impression was a good one after watching Ong Bak. I was anxious to see what else he'd star in and tom yum goong (the protector) was another really good movie.

Apparently he is not a martial artist but a dancer.....

I love Ong Bak has some really stylish martial arts and tony Jaa really knows how to put on a show especially without the use of wires computer effects or stunt doubles.

Tom Yun Goon had its moments but I fund it overall just less interesting and entertaining that Ong Bak.
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I liked Ong Bak but I really liked The Protector, mostly for the unedited stairwell fight and the duel in the burning temple. I look forward to "Chocolate", I believe this new girl is playing Sue Shihomi to his Sonny Chiba.

I love the replay's just to highlight how sick he is

I love Ong Bak, I think Tony Jaa is great. Ive yet to watch Warrior King despite the fact i have it on DVD, just havent gotten around to it yet.
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I liked Ong Bak as well. Unfortunately, it didn't have as much action as I was lead to believe from the trailers.

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Tony Jaa is a legend!!

Registered User gonna get kicked out of the forum but i hated ong bak and warrior king. Sorry

North American Scum! gonna get kicked out of the forum but i hated ong bak and warrior king. Sorry
how could you !!! the scene in the protector where he breaks like a hundred guys arms is just of the best martial artists alive today easily
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mm Chocolate is looking pretty good. No Tony Jaa, but the new girl on the block looks amazing !

Just seen it, it's awesome. Far better and more restrained than Warrior King. Not quite as jaw dropping as some of Ong Bak but in turn is a bit more sensible.

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I remember Ong Bak being a classic, back in High Shcool. My friends and I would always find ourselves watching it from time to time. The martial arts are stellar and RZA advertised for it, so for sure we had to peep it. Great movie overall.

My mate throught it was great too - thought the final fight was awesome. I'm going to wait for the HK dvd next month.
Yeah, i'd recommend it. Copy i watched was fan subbed but was fine for most part. Quite an interesting bit of meta-textuality (or product placement) in that she learns her 'moves' from watching the two Tony Jaa films on TV.