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ur the best yoda we always support u and we all love u and ur one of the best admins =]
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I'm still not sure about this place but I'll prolly give it a few more years to see how I feel about it. No point rushing these things imo. As somewhere for us antisocial bums to hang out I've certainly seen a lot worse though so I guess that merits a 'thanks' ..... thanks Chris
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Mumble is awful!

My Darth Star is in for a service
Geez Yoda your ass must be sore from all this buttkissing!
Anyway I add my thanks as a newbie and now I shall pucker up and avoid the starfish after all the others have been there (don't want covid-19 or herpes do I)

Has anyone seen my lightsaber?

I've been here for 15 years. Since then I've gotten married, bought a car, bought a house and have had two children. So is it weird to say that MovieForums has been a big part of my life? This place is like a second home to me and I hope to spend another 15 years here.
I've been here 10 and since then I've bought a car... does that mean I have to fit the rest of that in the next 5?! Damn I'd better get cracking.

I never could get the hang of Thursdays.
I've been here 10 and since then I've bought a car... does that mean I have to fit the rest of that in the next 5?! Damn I'd better get cracking.
You're both slackers, in the 15 years I've been here I've got married, had three kids and bought three houses (I mean I've moved house each time, I don't own three houses, obviously). Oh, and I've watched a bunch of movies.

This is the only site I've been on for such a long time, that's for sure.

to Yoda and everyone else who keeps the site running. And all of the posters. (Well, most of the posters...).

💀💀💀Es lo que es💀💀💀

I think everyone is aware of how prevalent Patreon is with media today. “Sign up for the Patreon, exclusive content on the Patreon...”

No one has hooked me yet. Hell, I still can’t bite the bullet on YouTube premium Needless to say, I would pay for access to this site or just the ability to quit typing [ font = century gothic ] .

You’re a good guy, run a great ship with a motley crew and it works. Even if this is all a long-play , data-mining exercise in your attempt for world domination...I at least feel like I’ve gotten my kiss on the cheek.

Thank you for all your time. Cue the Joe Esposito.

...I at least feel like I’ve gotten my kiss on the cheek.
Careful now, if this was very recent that may well have been Darth missing his intended target

💀💀💀Es lo que es💀💀💀
I hate that I didn’t read that depiction until after my post. Oh well :sigh: You know me, I refuse to edit content on this site!

A system of cells interlinked
I was just talking to a friend (I do have at least one, I think...) the other day about how long I have been on MoFo. I have dipped in and out on other forums that were dedicated to music or other interests, but none have ever felt like home, or had the sense of community that this place does. MovieForums is truly a gift, and the best damned film community on the web.

Cheers, and thanks to Yoda for his dedication and continued interest in site improvements and fair management.
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Joined here in 9th grade: 9th grade. Feels like an eternity go. I probably wouldn't be alive today if it wasn't for this place. Honestly.

I have spent half my life here. @Yoda and I have that same weird oddity of growing up in front of others and having a record of it.

I'm still waiting for someone to get famous and give us a thanks at the Oscars, tho. I'll get right on that after I thank ya'll at the Grammys.
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That elusive hide-and-seek cow is at it again
Yeah. I'm glad this place is here too. I can't believe I didn't find this place sooner. I spent a lot of time on the old Rotten Tomatoes forums (before they over-simplified them, before they removed them) and couldn't find my way after that. I've lurked in a few political forums and several Flash/Adobe forums (when Flash was trending), but I've never really found a place to call home. This may be the longest, most dedicated run of a forum I've made yet, checking at least my mobile daily during lunch. I genuinely enjoy the people here. There's one or three of you I'd consider punching in the nuts, but now that politics has been banned maybe there's hope for us yet

If nothing else, I'll stick around just for the day Ironpony comes to the realization that all the answers he seeks are within himself.

Thanks Yoda.
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Yoda, you watch Soul yet?
No, but very soon. Sadly I didn't realize I was in that movie's thread the other day and saw a (hopefully slight?) spoiler. It's mainly just heard to schedule a night you know you might get emotionally ruined. But I'm leaning towards watching it sometime over the next few days, maybe just tonight.

Really looking forward to it, though, for obvious reasons.