What makes you a film fanatic?


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There are lots of reasons I'm a film fanatic.

I was born into a filmmaking family.

My grandfather and at least one of my uncles worked in Hollywood studios until they retired.

One of my brothers also worked on a movie.

I found it interesting when they would discuss actors as they really are.

When I was thirteen, my brothers and I got to work with our grandfather one day.

We were transporting film equipment from a studio, I forgot which one, to Cinemobile System Inc. .

I don't remember much about day except grampa laughing at me trying to lift a hundred pound cable off the ground and my younger brother, who was six, carrying around a 3000 dollar light bulb, 1970's money.

I grew up in Las Vegas, which is a huge factor in my enthusiasm for films.

In Vegas, the average summer day is almost all ways above 100 degrees, that limited my activity to indoors.

I'm not much for reading, as you can tell by my grammar, so movies were it.

Back then, there were only five channels on the TV.

I remember watching La Strada and The Seventh Seal on PBS because there was nothing else on, funny thing was, I really enjoyed them.

The internet has made my fanaticism worse, there are great movies I've seen that I would have never heard of without it.

That's me for the most part, I would like to hear from others, what makes you a film nut?

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I like film coz i'm an insomniac and the best films are all on at 3 in the morning. (Actually, that might be why i'm an insomniac ).
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I'm not a film fantatic. I know a few and I am really glad I'm not like them (and I don't mean you guys). But I really enjoy films, and I always have and in recent years I have also begun to study film and film theory. Like Loner I was never into books that much but when I grew up I always watched a lot of tv and movies. And also like Loner I remember that I developed what could be considered a "good taste" in movies early on. When some of my friends wanted to watch the latest Schwarzenegger flick I wanted to check out what that Kieslowski guy was all about.
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Alex Cox is the reason - through watching Moviedrome which started when I was 15.
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Because it (film) moves me sometimes, and I like that....
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because real life sucks and i need escape, and more beautiful and thrilling events than i have in this boring life down here
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Originally Posted by chicagofrog
because real life sucks and i need escape, and more beautiful and thrilling events than i have in this boring life down here
I agree with everything said here, but I make my life suspenseful by digging holes with my schoolwork, my friends, my family, and my life in general. Each day brings about a new strategy for me to prevent me from committing suicide.

Anyways, I like movies because I believe they are the evolution of books and music, visual and auditory.

Soon, movies will take second next to interactive media such as videogames, because interactivity is the last frontier.

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I guess I'm a visualy motivated person, as well as my love for movies, I also love photography, and music all of which are key components in films.

I love movies that make you think long after they have finished, but I guess escapismn plays a large part in my love of all things cinematic. Perhaps I'm taking my addiction too far by studying to become a director, but I believe if you have a passion and a dream you have to at least try to live it out.
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I think being able to recite ALL the lines from Spaceballs makes me a fanatic. So does being able to tell you the bodycount of most major horror movies made in the last 35 years.

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I got into movies because I fell in love with theater.
Acting was the first draw - the notion of communication that is verbal, physical, tonal, spatial and sometimes spiritual is very exciting to me. It's like magic, almost. When I studied theater, I was introduced to how acting works as part of a story - how stories are structured and how the physical elements on stage convey meaning to an audience. Every detail of the lighting, the music, the set and decoration of it, the language, the acting, the timing... everything combines to make a unique meaning.

I got into film from that partly because I moved to LA and there is a ton of film here. I went to see The Ring and my theater training revealed so much symbolism in that film that I was dying to discuss it with someone. SO... I found a movie forum and talked about it with other people who had been excited by the film. That led to nearly 3 years of chatting on film message boards, learning a ton of stuff about film by watching excellent recommendations and discussing them after, and writing about them, so I was forced to analyse what I was seeing. I also have a few friends who work in the industry, and chatting with them has been very educational, and the more I know, the more I like it.

And here I am.
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I wouldn't call myself a fanatic about all film. However, I adore film because certain films make me fanatical.
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My Dad was a film Fanatic he would take me to the movies.
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I think im very similar to Dear Darthy, im a very visual person, i love photography, theatre and the movies.
From a young age i was encouraged to watch films and was taken to the theatre by my family as i come from a theatrical background. My mums family have all starred in several films, only as bit parts but they worked on several movies, sometimes together. My mother starred in all of the original St Trinian films as one of the terrorising schoolgirls (The Belles of St. Trinian's, Blue Murder at St. Trinian's, The Great St. Trinian's Train Robbery and The Pure Hell of St. Trinian's) and she also starred in Night Must Fall with Albert Finney among many other movies. Her mother starred in several movies herself and even met Judy Garland in I Could Go on Singing.

Films were such a large part of my familys life that i guess it just became a part of mine as well. Over time instead of just listening and joining in on my parents enjoyment of film, i actively started taking notice of it myself, and from a young age i loved the escapism of the cinema. Movies are all about inspring emotions in a person, making them feel some kind of connection with the events that are happening on screen, whether it be sadness, happiness, tragedy, joy or fear. You lose yourself in a film and everything around you becomes non existent for the short 100 minutes of your experience. Films can affect everyone, any person who takes the time to sit down and watch. And i love that. Something so universally inspiring. Something i'd love to be a part of.
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those cinematic movie moments...

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There's just something about sitting down and watching a good movie and invisioning yourself in that scene or how you would portray a character or how you would direct the scene. I love to think of all those things while watching a movie.