Happy Birthday Godoggo! We Miss You!


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I wanted to ask tips on how to train my dog but you suddenly disappeared. Come back. Happy Birthday.

Yeah, Happy Birthday Godoggo! Always been one of the friendliest and most fun members, so we all hope to have you back

A great big happy birthday to the one and only Godoggo!

We all miss you around here, and your sudden disappearence had us all worried! Please just check in so we are all sure you are OK and doing well!

It's been a very long time... Happy Birthday to you Godoggo! Hope you have a good day and take care
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Happy Birthday, Godoggo!
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Odd for her to just leave like that without a word after being here for such a long time, I even saw she logged in the other day but didn't reply.

Maybe she's trying to go 'cold turkey' from forum addiction.