Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga


A Mad Max movie without Mad Max? At all? How very "updated for modern audiences." Why not call it Furious Furiosa or The Fast and Furiosa or I got screwed at the drive through again and am now Furiosa? Sing it Tina! "What's Max got to do, got to do with it? What's Max but a cis-gender male protagonist?

48-year-old Theron replaced with two decades younger "it" girl Anna Taylor-Joy? Black Widow redux? Come on man. Charlize ain't that old. Tom Cruise is 61. I mean, it's the wasteland. People should look rough. Charlize can do action. Sexism and and ageism? A prequel for a sidequel?

And where in the hell are they getting all these cars? They've got all the techno know-how to keep thousands of rusting cars busting sand dunes as implausibly modified vehicles with 1,000 horsepower, but they haven't figured out how to get the WiFi working again? Really? So, when the apocalypse hits, people are going to flock to where resources are the most scarce and battle each other in least fuel-efficient vehicles imaginable?

I love The Road Warrior, but that was back when all cars were gas-powered and when we could conceive of a scarcity "churn" in which there was no oil (per the prologue of The Road Warrior). But the churn wouldn't last forever. Thunderdome shows society rebuilding on methane (i.e., the churn would not last forever), and today we're well into solar and wind power and we have electric cars. Big V8's in the wasteland is an increasingly strained premise--not quite Mortal Engines (wheeled cities) silly, but silly nonetheless.

But I guess this is a turn off your brain and watch the girl bosses fight the patriarchy film, right?

My main concern is the obvious CG in the trailer, which really wasn't an issue with Fury Road.
Same here, Fury Road flirted with too much CGI for my taste and this seems to be using it even heavier. But I believe a bunch of Miller's stunt guys retired after FR, so maybe there's just fewer folks who are willing to flip an 18-wheeler in real life.
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Meh, Fury Road was overrated anyway, will skip this.
Ok, cool

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Fury Road is essentially a rehash of Road Warrior.

The only thing I can think about is Jerryís Pop-Tart movie!