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The MoFo Top 100 Animated Films - The Countdown

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I never could get the hang of Thursdays.
I'm not a big fan of Fantastic Mr. Fox

16. Toy Story 2 - Voting Stats

Total Points: 428
Part of a Numeric Tie? No.
27 Votes: Four 1st Place (25 pts. each), 2nd Place (24 pts.), Two 4th Place (22 pts. each), 5th Place (21 pts.), 6th Place (20 pts.), Three 8th Place (18 pts. each), Two 9th Place (17 pts. each), Two 10th Place (16 pts. each), 12th Place (14 pts.), 13th Place (13 pts.), Three 14th Place (12 pts. each), 15th Place (11 pts.), 17th Place (9 pts.), 19th Place (7 pts.), 21st Place (5 pts.), 23rd Place (3 pts.), 25th Place (1 pt.)

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Toy Story 2 is probably my favorite of the series, takling surprisingly dark subject matter for a movie that was larger targeted for and viewed by children. The characters and the story that they found themselves in were all fascinating. It was intelligently written, marvelously animated and overall one of the most memorable films that I have ever seen.
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I've never been a particularly big fan of the Toy Story films and didn't vote for any of them (which is not to say that I dislike them). It's been quite some time since I've seen either of the first two, but I recall thinking that Toy Story 2 was slightly weaker than the original. I will say though that the animation in the sequel is greatly superior to the original.

I like Toy Story 2 alright. 3 is the one I think is a corny nostalgia exercise with a couple good jokes. I didn't vote for any but if I had it would have been the first.

None of my picks have made it since Snow White. I expect 3 more to make it (including my lone Miyazaki and Pixar nominations), the rest are shorts and/or too obscure.

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My list so far:

3. Mary and Max
4. Persepolis
6. Waking Life
7. Corpse Bride
10. How to Train Your Dragon
12. Vincent
15. Shrek
19. Bambi
23. Howl’s Moving Castle

I'm beggining to worry that some movies of my list won't make it!

I didn't want to put all three Toy Story movies on my list but they are just that good. Both the humor and emotional beats work for adults and children. They are manic and they are fun. When I tell my kids to pick a movie I am almost always hoping they pick one of these. Toy Story 2 was my #22.

I think Toy Story 2 is the best one, but I didn't have it on my list even though my list only consisted of 8 films.
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I love the Toy Story movies, but I only voted for one of them, and this wasn't it. I kinda went against my own rules by doing that, but 25 movies and shorts with three Toy Story movies looked wrong, although I'm glad to see them all recognized.
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Surprised, but glad of course, that I'm not the only one thinking that Toy Story 2 is the best of the trilogy.

So yeah there it was... The #1 movie on my list... And it didn't even crack the Top 10.

But I kind of knew it, since most see the 2nd movie as the weakest, and I just can't see why. The first is a classic, but much more grounded and focused on a more one-sided story. The second movie just opened up and showed us much more of this incredible world. It was like the Aliens to the Alien-franchise in my opinion, if that makes sense. More action-packed, more emotional, bigger, better and a lot more fun. The third was great, but mainly because of sentimental value and the last extremely well done third act. But that doesn't make up for a film that doesn't stand as well on its own as its two other films in the trilogy.

Great animated films all of them though, but Toy Story 2 will always be my favourite...

I never could get the hang of Thursdays.
Toy Story 2 is the best Toy Story, and the only one to make my list. It's the funny one.

1. Will Make It
2. Will Make It
3. Castle in the Sky
4. How the Grinch Stole Christmas
5. Will Make It
6. Toy Story 2
7. Will Make It
8. Porco Rosso
9. Kiki's Delivery Service
10. Will Make It
11. Should Make It
12. Will Make It.
13. How to Train Your Dragon
14. Pinocchio
15. Lego Movie
16. Secret of NIMH (Near Miss)
17. Yellow Submarine
18. Wreck it Ralph
19. Will Make It.
20. From up on Poppy Hill (Near Miss)
21. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (No Chance)
22. Whisper of the Heart
23. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
24. The Spongebob Squarepants Movie (No Chance)
25. Frozen

I had Toy Story 2 at #23.

I haven't seen it since I saw it at the movies, though.