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I love to make movies ("You do?" yells out a drunken hillbilly in the background) and I want to be a film director when I grow up. Biography
A suburb of Cleveland, Ohio Location
Movie Making, Movies, Reading, Writing, Playing Video Games, being and doing stuff funny. And, of course, Star Wars and The Twilight Zone. Interests
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Burn After Reading   9/13/08
It's also around here that the film's other half of the plot involving Harry Pfarrer, helmed by ex-Batman Geor...

The Happening   6/13/08
Before going to see the film, I had told him that a friend of mine had sent me one of the earlier scripts, or ...

Grindhouse   4/12/07
Being a big fan of the zombie sub-genre of horror, this had all that I was looking for, as well as on the leve...

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