90s/2000s: movie scene where a guy breaks down due to killing someone.


I just know they're coming to kill me.
This one has been driving me nuts lately, and who knows how accurate any of the following is. It's as best as I can remember it.

I'm willing to bet this is from a movie, but maybe it's from a dramatic TV show or miniseries (though I have no way of knowing that for sure). The main character, a man, has taken some kid under wing for something, and this man has a history where he has taken someone's life. I don't remember if he was a cop, solider, or even a criminal, but he has. Maybe he's taken more than one, I don't remember. But I'm pretty sure it was during a war when he did this, and the kid is infatuated by it. He keeps asking the man what it's like to kill someone, I want to say a couple of times and the guy just brushes him off. Finally, after asking it one last time, the dude breaks, saying how horrible it is and how much trauma it inflicted on him. The kid, seeing how this seemingly bad-ass act can actually wreck a person, backs off.

But then I want to say later on in the movie this very kid ends up killing someone, and is riddled with the guilt he was warned about from the guy earlier on.

Now here's where lines get crossed in my memory... I'm almost positive this is exactly as I remember it. But then I start to doubt myself, and wonder if the kid thought killing someone was cool, or if it was about stealing and going to prison and being cool. Then I'm like, wait is this a scene from The Buttercream Gang (of which I do sadly remember and no I'm not skimming through it on YouTube because if there's one thing the devil and I see eye-to-eye on, it's that this film is for missionary sex households only)? I honestly don't know. But my gut is telling me the guy breaks down after the kid idolizes him after he killed some people in, I want to, again, say war. Maybe he was a vet who came home or something, I don't know, but that doesn't stick out.

Okay now good luck.
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I just know they're coming to kill me.
Oh wow you were actually very close. Gran Torino. As soon as I saw Clint, it all came back. Guy feeling guilt after taking a life during a war. I’m on mobile so posting the clip may be annoying but a quick quote search confirmed this was what I was thinking of.

That said, what scene are you thinking of from Unforgiven?

It wasn't a specific scene. Just the near sighted kid gunfighter and William Munny talking in a couple of scenes. I guess this might come the closest to what you described.