...would an average Star Wars fan enjoy these shows?

I figured here would be a good non-biased place to ask as compared to the several Star Wars centric subreddits that exist. I'm also trying to get back into the franchise, since it's been a hot minute for me save for the Disney Plus shows and the movies (minus Andor and Book of Boba Fett, which are on my to-do list this summer). Thing is, these shows always looked very kiddish to me, and the animation and art style of both just don't appeal to me enough to want to watch it. I prefer live action Star Wars, and that Clone Wars movie from 2008 was pure garbage in my opinion.

Yet, I've heard great things about both (with a hope that maybe Clone Wars would make me appreciate the prequels some more, as I have little to no real interest in that part of the saga) and I wouldn't be surprised if you're thinking "just watch one episode and feel it out." I mean yeah I could but I'd rather talk to strangers first and have them decide my opinion for me like the secure young buck that I am. But it's also why, again, I titled my thread as such - I want to know what casual Star Wars fans think of these shows, not the die hards like I wanted to be back in high school (woof).

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