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    I bet you loved my friend's House shirt, didn't you?
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  3. 2 Weeks Ago
    You mean the site's message style or the individual reviewers message styles?
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    How the hell did you manage 215 followers on Letterboxd?
Se7en   4/08/17
Seven I love a good thriller, and Fincher has made some of the best of the last twenty years. This film w...

Psycho   2/14/17
Psycho I can add absolutely nothing new to the conversation about one of the most iconic films of all time. I...

I Confess   7/23/16
I Confess I really enjoyed this one. Couple of minor issues but overall very good. I love the setting her...

The Master   4/27/16
Such a tough film to unpack, but boy is it worth the effort. I can completely understand why PTA seems t...

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