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  1. 06-05-20
    I hope they help you find movies. I have several other sites I use as well.
  2. 05-15-20
    Saying you don't think you want to worry is an odd thing to say to the admin who is consistently telling you to be worried about it.

    I guess tact isn't going to work, so I'll be blunter: I'm not making suggestions. You don't seem to know how you sound and it causes a lot of unnecessary conflict. In the past you've admitted as much, but it seems like you're more or less receptive to the idea based on your mood at a given moment. Regardless, it has to change.
  3. 05-15-20
    I'm surprised because to me it seems like something you'd be into. For instance, I love some others like Shane, but wouldn't recommend to you. I certainly could be wrong but The Wild Bunch is a tough flick.
  4. 05-09-20
    No, I don't think it expresses their character, at least not as much. Even assuming a statement that's a total coin flip (50/50 it can be read as confrontational or not), they still have to assume you KNOW it's a coin flip statement, and chose to say it anyway, which is itself part of the consideration. And that's if it's a perfect 50/50 proposition, which I don't think this was. I don't think most such statements are. *And* that's starting from a blank slate, too, as opposed to someone who's had many such confrontations, which also has to factor in.

    That said, this right here is probably a huge part of the problem: "and let them insult me and falsely accuse me." You are absolutely, 100% not being persecuted by people here. I can break down why, if you're interested, but this is just isn't an accurate view of what usually happens and if you think it is, then we really don't need to look further for the problem.

    This doesn't have to be public, BTW. PM is fine, I'm just following your lead here.
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When I found the movie as an adult it turned out to be a bit of a mediocre movie

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