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  1. 08-08-10
    To you, wintertriangles... to you I am whatever you want me to be...
  2. 08-08-10
    How unfortunate that you're a guy. My fantasies will have to go elsewhere then.
  3. 08-06-10
    Well, I might disagree a little with the idea that most other forums respect people for posting in intellectual discussions (for too many it's about post count and other trivialities), but yup, if you post thoughtful stuff, people will definitely notice. We tend to put a premium on elaboration and reasoning rather than the standard "I loved it"/"it sucked" style of movie reviewing.

    One thing I tell anyone new, though, is to have a thick skin and just roll with the punches. A lot of people will disagree, but if you don't take it too seriously, they won't, either.
  4. 08-06-10
    Hey, welcome to the site.
Blue Valentine   2/03/11
What Blue Valentine does right is throw you into the worst part of a couple’s time together while they cling s

Skyline   11/12/10
Needless to say, the visuals were the supreme highlight

Let Me In   10/01/10
Without comparing it to the book or Swedish film, it does not work as an attempt to bring romance into horror

Devil   9/17/10 the midst of all the uncovering of new info about the characters, none of them prove worthy of mentionin

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