Platoon   4/11/18
by KeyserCorleone
This is what I meant by it being a movie that took all of the things I loved and hated about war movies, and took them to extremes.

Platoon   3/04/17
by Sarge
Another thing that this really impressive about this film is the way that it shows the blurred lines of war, Many such films fail to do this by maintaining the moral integrity of the American solidiers whilst portraying the VC as savages.

Platoon   10/08/16
by Citizen Rules
Platoon (Oliver Stone 1986) Director: Oliver Stone Writer: Oliver Stone Cast: Charlie Sheen, Tom Berenger, Willem Dafoe Genre: War, Action, Drama

Platoon   4/24/15
by Iroquois
Being rooted in Stone's own experiences as a soldier during the Vietnam War, Platoon translates that same perspective to film with considerable aplomb.

Platoon   10/05/12
by The Rodent
A highly philosophical war movie laced with one of the best screenplays and some of the finest acting in any movie of its kind, Platoon is an absolute must see for any movie fan.

Platoon   9/27/12
by Daniel M
Oliver Stone participated as an infantry soldier in the Vietnam War so what we see get in Platoon is a breathtaking look on the life of a soldier, shown through the eyes of a soldier named Chris who is portrayed young Charlie Sheen.

Platoon   8/10/11
by LuDiNaToR
Platoon has some really powerful scenes throughout the movie that at times left me looking away from the screen, its a very strong story and could be the best war film i have seen.

Platoon   3/06/04
by Monkeypunch
There have been countless war movies over the decades, especially in current years, and while many of them are very good, none of them reach the the level of brutal emotional honesty of Oliver Stone's best film, Platoon.

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