Spider-Man 2   6/07/16
by Gideon58
Tobey Maguire once again brings a beautifully human aspect to this super hero and the offbeat casting choice of Alfred Molina as Doc Ock was inspired...I loved that Doc Ock had a conscience and that he didn't want to cause all the harm he did, including the death of his wife (Donna Murphy), and even in full villain mode, Molina always conveyed Otto's lack of control in the situation and I love the glance of his humility we are provided near the climax.

Spider-Man 2   6/05/14
by The Rodent
Harry, who blames Spider-Man for his fathers death, decides to use Octavius new power to kill Spidey in return for funding Octavius energy research.

Spider-Man 2   9/29/13
by JayDee
And while it may end on what some may see as one of this film's more mawkish moments, unlike with the first film this time the film and the character have earned it.

Spider-Man 2   1/19/08
by Lennon
Our story follows Peter as a struggling college student, juggling his job, class, friends, and being Spider-Man.

Spider-Man 2   11/28/07
by meatwadsprite
Plot : Following closely from the first spiderman's story - Peter Parker is trying to balance out too many things at once : and tries to decide what he wants the most.

Spider-Man 2   10/14/05
by TheUsualSuspect
Raimi flushes this film full of classic homages, whether it's from his own, or just classic films like King Kong, they always add a nice touch of coolness to the film.

Spider-Man 2   10/31/04
by John McClane
This film can be a disappointment for those of you who expect a bit more out of a film then this one can give.

Spider-Man 2   7/01/04
by Yoda
This film is a rare thing; a genre film which can be enjoyed by those who don't care for the genre.

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