1917   12/12/20
by Takoma11
Action sequences are interspersed with quieter moments (such as when Schofield spends a short time in a cellar with a French woman and the baby she is caring for--a brief moment of tenderness undercut by the relentless urgency of the mission), and when one character notes "Best not to dwell on it", ...

1917   1/30/20
by Gideon58
Sam Mendes' spectacular skill at crafting a perfect melange of intimacy and enormity should nail him a second Best Director Oscar, revealed at the end to be a mission of love for the director whose service to this one of a kind story is always at the center of his directorial concept.

1917   1/16/20
by Sarge
As I said this could be intentional, as the enormity of the war dwarfed the story of any individual although it was made up of thousands of individual stories.

1917   1/14/20
by ScarletLion
It's a very "allied" war film as opposed to a European war film, and for that reason alone it will get many of the big awards.

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