Dunkirk   5/24/22
by Omnizoa
Eventually they run into a third guy who more or less doesn't speak, and at this point it's very easy to lose track of who's who and you really just stop caring about them cause it's like every boat they get on sinks, and they find another boat and it sinks, and they find another and it sinks, and.....

Dunkirk   8/06/18
by dadgumblah
There are many stunning vistas caught on screen, including the massive amounts of men lining the long pier known as The Mole while they await their rescue; aerial dogfights that seem a bit more realistic that the average movie plane fights, showing how difficult it is to get an enemy plane in your g...

Dunkirk   6/03/18
by aronisred
Lot of movies ask you to care for characters just by showing the position they are in with no character background but for some reason we don't give them a pass where as we do for a movie by Christopher Nolan.

Dunkirk   2/17/18
by Gideon58
My minimal exposure to war movies usually are told from the land or from the sea or from the air but we get a balanced and suspenseful look at all three through Nolan's incisive camera eye.

Dunkirk   1/18/18
by Jay Redrum
The downside to a movie like this is once a movie that is made technically better then this one it becomes somewhat outdated, unlike a great story that is ageless.

Dunkirk   12/30/17
by Citizen Rules
The film is so visual that someone has done a fan edit and turned Dunkirk into a very effective B&W silent film, complete with title cards.

Dunkirk   8/21/17
by TheUsualSuspect
With Dunkirk, Nolan delivers a pulse pounding war film that leaves the bloodshed at home and instead focuses on the tension and dread one would feel when left alone to die.

Dunkirk   7/23/17
by ashdoc
The tension on the soldiers' faces as they wait on the beaches , the relief when they see dozens of small private boats coming for them , the cheering for those private citizens by the soldiers as they take in the soldiers , the uncertainty of war again as the boats are attacked by German warplanes ...

Dunkirk   7/22/17
by Iroquois
In my experience, Hoyte van Hoytema hasn't proved a particularly impressive cinematographer (mainly because of the flat colour palettes I've noticed in other films he's lensed) and seeing his name attached to a film that promised as much visual spectacle as "must be seen in 70mm" Dunkirk did was eno...

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