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  1. 10-17-15
    Oh, you're from India - you live there! That's really cool. I've seen very few movies actually about India, per se, but a lot of great movies have been shot there, of course. Thanks for the response. Keep on posting!
  2. 10-17-15
    Have you ever seen The Far Pavilions? I was wondering what your thoughts were on it, as you're so keen to discuss entertainment as it relates to India. I haven't found a review for it anywhere else on the site.

    An Englishman named Ash (Ben Cross) was orphaned at the age of four, but was saved from the Indian Mutiny by a Hindu foster mother who brought him up as her own. Only on her deathbed did she reveal Ash's true origins to him, and he finds himself torn between the British and Indian establishments as he tries to win the hand of Anjula (Amy Irving), his childhood friend, now an Indian princess already betrothed to a local ruler.
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