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  1. 03-19-19
    Deleted that post. Just because it was phrased as a joke doesn't change the warning.
  2. 03-15-19
    This is the last time I'm going to issue a warning about dragging every thread back onto your general issues with Islam. If you want to discuss those kinds of issues, primarily, there are other forums about that topic that I assume you already frequent. This one's mostly for movies, and occasionally reacting to world events when they happen. That's it.
  3. 02-14-19
    I've removed that post. The fact that something happened on Valentine's Day doesn't make it on-topic for a thread about the day. Clearly just an attempt to keep having the terrorist thread exist in other threads.
  4. 10-17-15
    Oh, you're from India - you live there! That's really cool. I've seen very few movies actually about India, per se, but a lot of great movies have been shot there, of course. Thanks for the response. Keep on posting!
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Hotel Mumbai   12/01/19
This Australian film shows the horrifying ordeal of guests and staff trapped within Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai ...

Midway   11/15/19
As the Japanese fleet of four aircraft carriers closes on to Midway , the Americans have used intercepts of Ja...

Bypass Road   11/12/19
He and the police officer Roy ( Manish Chaudhari ) begin to suspect the fiance of the killed model named Jimmy...

Doctor Sleep   11/10/19
They have already killed a young boy with this shine to feed off his shine and also intend to inhale the shine...

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