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The Kerala Story

The Kerala Story

Every dog has his day....after being treated like dogs by the congress and the communists and bollywood hindus are finally having their day under the BJP government....and some brave movie makers are having a field day exposing the true face of terror ; this is the second movie after the kashmir files that shows the real face of the jehadis .

The movie starts with the leading character of the film ( Shalini Unnikrishnan played by Adah Sharma ) being interrogated in an afghan jail where she tells her harrowing tale of being a sex slave of the ISIS ; I really liked the way she says 'sex-a slave-a' in keralite accent inspite of being a North Indian showing how well she had tried to get into the skin of her character by learning to speak hindi in keralite accent .

The movie is partly in flashbacks as she narrates her story of having a nice life till youth in the beauty of God's own country ( Kerala ) full of lush greenary and joining a nursing college . But the entry into the college is with sinister music as the walls are full of jehadi propaganda asking for removal of Kashmir from India . This sinister music follows everywhere in the film whenever some devious jehadi plot is being concocted .

In the college she meets her hostel mates Geetanjali ( Siddhi Idnani ) who is hindu but is atheist due her communist parents , Nimah ( Yogita Bihani ) who is a practicing Christian , and Asifa ( Sonia Balani ) who is muslim . It is Asifa who is the jehadi , and she introduces the girls to muslim boys who practice love jehad , the targeted entrapment of non muslim girls in love and later physical relation with the plan of their conversion to islam in mind . In rest of the country the conversion to islam is the final goal . But in Kerala the final goal is to indoctrinate and brainwash the girls using not only verbal propaganda but also narcotic drugs and send them to ISIS in Islamic lands as sex slaves of jehadis--The Kerala story .

The plans to bring them into the jehadi fold are elaborate to say the least--from regular verbal bombardment about the alleged helplessness of non muslim Gods ( the Christian girl is told how God is helpless to allow his son Jesus to die a painful death nailed to a cross and the hindu girls are told how Lord Shiva is helpless as he has to carry the lifeless body of his wife to various corners of India ) to arranging molestation of the girls so that their western attire can be blamed for attracting unwanted male attention and they can be convinced to wear hijab . The girls are impregnated and their nude photos are threatened to be made viral on social media to blackmail them to join the ISIS . Later the daughter of communist parents rightly blames her communist father in front of photos of Lenin for not teaching her about hindu customs and tradition due to his belief in the atheist teachings of communism , a fact that made her vulnerable to accept Asifa's attacks on Hinduism as reality , a reality which makes her spit on her own father as he is lying in hospital due to heart attack when he is shocked that she has converted to islam ; she has been told to spit on her father as he is an infidel....

Shocking as the above scene is , there is worse in store for us viewers as Shalini is moved to Afghanistan where her mobile phone is snatched from her for being a woman ; women are killed routinely by jehadis for having mobile phones as it is forbidden by their laws for women to have mobiles and their hands are cut for using lipstick . These gory scenes are actually shown and are not for the fainthearted . Shalini is raped repeatedly by the man who has brought her to Afghanistan after the boy who impregnated her and forced her to convert to islam disappeared and she had to marry this man in order to have a legal father for her unborn child which is soon snatched away from her....finally Shalini who has been given the name Fatima attempts escape from this hell and lands into her interrogators who promise to help her .

Meanwhile the Christian girl Nimah does complain to the Indian police talking about the ticking time bomb of Kerala 's increasing islamisation and involvement of keralite muslims in terrorist attacks in foreign lands . The movie ends with some videos of the girls' parents in real life talking about the real life stories of the girls .

The acing by all actors was genuine and all have played their roles with authenticity , whether as innocent girls trapped in the web of jehadis or as violent men taught to treat women as expendible commodities for jehad . Music is sinister on many occasions but that can't be helped as the movie is on a sinister topic . There are no songs but I wasn't in the mood to hear any songs in the hell that the movie created . Violent scenes really start as the movie moves to ISIS controlled territory and are interspersed by jehadis firing their kalashnikov guns in the air even if they are not killing anybody though they spend most of their time in killing mode anyway .

Verdict--Good .