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This was the last movie I saw in theatre before lockdown has closed cinema halls in India , but I did not get time to post my review at that point .

For starters , Malang means vagabond . So it is in Goa that two vagabonds meet ; where else do vagabonds abound in India anyway....? One is male , Adwait---played by Aditya Roy Kapoor , and the other is female---Sara , played Disha Patani . And they hang out taking drugs and dancing in rave parties in Goa and making love . Both have come to Goa in search of the free life , but a violent incident teaches them the value of life , of belonging , at the exact point when Sara is pregnant and planning to abort the child . And she drops the plan and wants to become a mother . After initial reluctance , Adwait decides to accept his impending fatherhood .

But fate has other plans in store for them in the form of a rampaging cop ( Rodrigues played by Kunal Khemu ) with an impotency problem who kills anyone who finds out that he is impotent , as Sara does . And he kills her without mercy , converting Adwait into a desperado vowing revenge . The task of stopping him is upto Agashe ( Anil Kapoor ) , a cop who terrorizes gone case criminals after snorting drugs himself to forget the killing of his daughter by a drug peddling criminal....the film is awash in drugs .

The film has several scenes of violence and drugs , and soothing relief is given from those by the romantic scenes of Sara and Adwait together . Not only does Disha Patani who plays Sara have a stunning body which is exposed in short clothes and bikinis , but that is complemented by Aditya Roy Kapoor who plays Adwait with his toned muscles ; they certainly make a good couple .

The songs are really hummable and background music is nice , while photography is good . Acting is good by everyone and the lead pair has terrific chemistry . The scenes of the two dancing and romancing come as flashbacks in memories of Adwait interspersed in the drug fuelled violence , and I liked the film best in those scenes . And because of those scenes , I liked the film too .

Verdict---Good .