Predators   12/19/17
by Optimus
When Danny Trejo heard this, he called Robert Rodriguez and said, "hey, I heard there's a guy in the script for 'Predators' who looks just like Danny Trejo, and guess what, I look just like Danny Trejo!"

Predators   2/15/12
by The Rodent
Many say that Predators is a re-run of the first movie and Id agree, it feels very samey, almost being the Superman Returns of the Predator franchise, but Rodriguez and director Nimrods collaboration really does work very well.

Predators   6/06/11
by Deadite
The film succeeds modestly well at giving fans what they expect, and there are some nice surprises to keep it from becoming too formulaic.

Predators   12/11/10
by TheUsualSuspect
When a Predator and a Yakuzza member, have a so called "sword" fight.

Predators   11/15/10
by MovieMad16
There are the classic Predators with the classic helmets and look, and then there are the newer Predators with half masks and with a more sinister look.

Predators   7/21/10
by Lennon
All in all Predators was not creative, not good, and defiantly not worth it, just go watch the first one people. I feel duped.

Predators   7/14/10
by re93animator
“Predators” seems like a return to form for the sci-fi horror genre as well as its best and most ambitious contribution in years.

Predators   7/11/10
by John McClane
It was not as lethal as the first two [i]Predator[/i] films, but there was plenty of violent mauling.

Predators   7/09/10
by BumbleBee
Will the Predator be back any time soon? I freaking hope not under this cast set and direction.

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